Thyronil Capsule by Ajmera Pharmaceuticals (10 Capsules)
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Thyronil Capsule by Ajmera Pharmaceuticals (10 Capsules)

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Ajmera Pharmaceuticals Thyronil Capsule – Description:

Ajmera Pharmaceuticals Thyronil CapsuleThyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland located inside the front neck region just below the Adam’s apple where it covers the windpipe. The thyroid produces hormones necessary for regulating the cholesterol, body’s metabolism, digestive and heart function, brain development, bone maintenance and muscle control. A person needs to consume adequate amount of iodine to maintain its proper functioning.

The basic hormones that thyroid generates are – T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). The release of these hormones is controlled by TRH (thyrotrophin-releasing hormone) from the hypothalamus situated in the brain and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) produced by the pituitary gland. 20% of the body’s T3 hormone is produced by the thyroid and 80% of the T4 is converted by the organs such as kidneys or liver. The hormones T3 and T4 help releasing and controlling the hormones – adrenaline and dopamine.

Both adrenaline and dopamine are active in controlling a person’s physical and psychological state such as emotional excitement, fear and pleasure. The regulation of metabolism involves the process in which the oxygen and calories are converted into energy. Without the proper functioning of the thyroid (or the pituitary gland) the body wouldn’t be able to break down the proteins and process the carbohydrates and vitamins. Due to this a person gains weight uncontrollably.

There are two types of thyroid issues – Underactive (Hypothyroidism) and Overactive (Hyperthyroidism). Underactive thyroid involves underproduction of thyroid hormones. If an adequate amount of hormones aren’t produced the body wouldn’t be able to metabolize the food into energy and as a result a person puts on weight uncontrollably and always feels tired. The case of Overactive thyroid is exactly the opposite. The hormones are unnecessarily produced in high amounts and so fasten the metabolism process. As a result an individual loses weight rapidly. It also brings bone problem, heart issues and thyroid storm.

Thyroid storm is a rare case. It develops in people who are not receiving proper treatment for Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid or have experienced infection associated with it. People suffering from overactive thyroid may develop thyroid storm if they face stroke, trauma, surgery, pulmonary embolism, congestive heart failure, severe emotional distress and diabetic ketoacidosis. Let us now jot down the signs and symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism are – unexplained weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, forgetfulness, dry hair, constipation, brittle nails, depression, decreased menstrual flow, muscular weakness, stiffness, tenderness and cramps; goiter (swelling at the front neck), increased sensitivity to cold, puffy face, raised cholesterol levels in blood, joint pain, redness and stiffness, and slow heart rate, sudden weight loss irrespective of food intake, increased appetite, sweating, increased sensitivity to heat, forgetfulness, increased heart rate, fatigue, anxiety, nervousness or irritability; loose and more frequent bowel movements, racing thoughts, lack of concentration, difficulty in falling asleep, muscle weakness, menstrual problems, goiter (swelling at the front neck), thinning of skin, and brittle hair.

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